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We are no longer going to be using Mumble for VoIP communications. I've setup a TeamSpeak 3 server for us to use now. I don't know how many of you are familiar with it, but it's not  hard at all.
Simply download the TeamSpeak 3 Client for your particular operating system. Go thorough the automated setup process. Add a new "Bookmark". And use the address "" to connect to. Simple as that. No long address and port number to deal with, just plain old "" for the address. Connect and enjoy.

Download TeamSpeak here.
(no port, no password, everyone welcome)

Oh and anyone can create their own temporary channel. When you create your own channel, you will become the channel admin and have permissions to kick people from your channel. You can even password protect it as well if you just want to talk with specific people. Add people to your friends list and send offline messages. Lots of features to play with. Have fun!
Yukinari all good now
Yukinari <11:04:11> Trying to resolve hostname <11:04:13> Trying to connect to server on &l ...
The server is now open to everyone again.

I can't get anything done with people constantly flooding me with messages and chat. So I've whitelisted the server until I get to a point that I don't need to read pages upon pages of configuration options.

Ever read a book while riding down the freeway on a motorcycle? It's kinda like that.
ieatcat4dinner getting bored I want to play skyblock that's it.
BokChoyCoy Oh da nose D: hope u get the server the way its supposed to be Booca #ThumbsUp ...
ieatcat4dinner I am so sorry and when will this thing will be finished.
I have turned this server off due to the lack of people wanting to play it.

A few of the guys seem to like this mod-pack. So I've put up a server for it. Everyone is welcome to play. All you have to do is download the Technic Launcher, get it here, then select the "Attack of the B-Team" mod pack from the selections on the left of the screen and press "Play". It will download and install automatically.

hawkeye_85 I made a poll to see if you guys would support something like that, please vote to let us know.
jonathanLR how about a tekkit or tekkit lite server
smartie112 Yeah, a pixelmon server would be so f*cking sweet.

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Booca79 posted Dec 18, 13
SwissFoxtrott Does this still work ?
skydoesdeadlox i missed it i was in mexico next year

Craftable Spawners!

Booca79 posted Dec 8, 13
The_Pro_Viper does the egg matters of the spawner type or it just pig spawner when u use any egg?
hawkeye_85 Neg and I have all 5 ;D
difficulty22 am i able to move the spawner after i place it?
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