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I wonder what the new plugins are
new plugins? awesome
11 more days and the site is gone :/
Get used to the new plugins first ;)
Once the server is back up im gonna make a server review on my youtube account!
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I have turned this server off due to the lack of people wanting to play it.

A few of the guys seem to like this mod-pack. So I've put up a server for it. Everyone is welcome to play. All you have to do is download the Technic Launcher, get it here, then select the "Attack of the B-Team" mod pack from the selections on the left of the screen and press "Play". It will download and install automatically.

hawkeye_85 Ender I made a poll to see if you guys would support something like that, please vote to let us know.
jonathanLR how about a tekkit or tekkit lite server
smartie112 Ender Yeah, a pixelmon server would be so f*cking sweet.

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Booca79 Admin posted Dec 18, 13
SwissFoxtrott Does this still work ?
skydoesdeadlox i missed it i was in mexico next year

Craftable Spawners!

Booca79 Admin posted Dec 8, 13
hawkeye_85 Ender Neg and I have all 5 ;D
difficulty22 am i able to move the spawner after i place it?
natural56 I got a pig, mooshroom, chicken spawners!


Booca79 Admin posted Dec 5, 13
fortress111 Ender Enlargement of the server icon ;)
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